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About the

The EYAAL IINMENIAN FESTIVAL is a  Cultural Tourism  concept created Mr. Messiah Fyneface Muzan for COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP INITIATIVE (CODEPAIN) an NGO he founded.  

Eyaal Iinmenian fesival  is a traditional fashion, Agro and local cuisine festival of the Abua/Odual people of Rivers state, Nigeria. It holds from the second Wednesday of Novermber to Saturday every year.


Youth empowerment

The festival is a tool for supporting youths with seed money to start up a business.


Widows are empowered

The festival is also a tool to support and empower widows.


Entertainment Value

You will enjoy watching the festival's various entertaining competitions.


Well Planned

The founder sets up the festival planning committee with a plan to ensure a robust festival is achieved.

Why you should attend

In addition to providing thrilling entertainment, the festival serves as a tool for providing young people, including widows in the L.G.A., with seed money to launch new businesses.

Our mission is to inspire, promote and project the Abua/Odual culture, her people and place as the best tourism destination in the world.



Sewing competition

The judges will choose the best outfit from among the various native garb displayed by competitors.

Rap/Comedy competition

The best rapper and comedian among the competitors will be chosen by the judges.

Native dish competition

The best native dish prepared by the competitors will be chosen by the judges.

Dance competition

Competitors will perform their best dances, and the judges will choose a winner from among them.

Ataka slicing competition

Akata (tapioca) will be sliced by competitors, and the judges will choose the one with the fastest slice and texture as the winner.

Folktales competition

The contestant who correctly recalls and narrates an old folktale will be chosen by the judges as the winner of this round.

DJ competition

Each competitor in the DJ competition will play a DJ mix to thrill the audience, and the judges will choose the winner.

Wrestling competition

The winner of this round will be the last man standing after rounds of wrestling.

Agro-Bicycle Parade

The competition entails displaying our farming tools and produce on a bicycle in a grand style while demonstrating our farming methods. The judges pick the best costume and display of our farming methods as winners.

Meet the team

Messiah F. Muzan

Messiah F. Muzan

Chief Organizer
Pamela Maxwell

Pamela Maxwell

Sponsorship Commitee (Lead)
Peli Adaotu

Peli Adaotu

Contact Committee (Lead)
Elison Hope Deborah

Elison Hope Deborah

Media/Publicity (Lead)

Our sponsors


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